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December 2006 Archives


Model Interview: Christian

Christian's a shy type of guy, which is a little surprising considering he spent all day being photographed in his underwear. We chose him not only for his great physique, but because he's got a sophistciated look that was perfect for our holiday collection of silk loungewear. With those blue eyes and smile that he loves to show off, he was the perfect choice to add to our guys.
Christian Photoshoot

How Old? 20

Where do you call home? Livermore, CA

Most Embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? I work at a restaurant and was rushing to a table last week when I spilled a whole tray of drinks all over one of our guests.

Thing you miss most about being a kid? My imagination and just doing what I wanted.

Favorite guilty pleasure? Liquor

Your weakness? Women – goes well with my guilty pleasure.
Biggest mistake? I don't believe in mistakes, you shouldn't have regrets in life.

Favorite Holiday? It's gotta be Christmas!

How do you take your coffee? Strong, with a little milk and sugar.
Boxers or Briefs? Both

Most overused phrase? "Lock it up"

First thought when you wake up in the morning? Damn…not again.

Country you’d most like to visit? Italy

What do you want to be when you grow up? Economic Advisor

… he might not say much, so we let the pictures speak for themselves.

 – Tyler


Point and Shoot

You’ve all seen her work on our site, but Lisa Mandel is more than just our personal underwear paparazzi. She’s based here in St. Louis, MO and works in the area, photographing everything from weddings and portraits to exhibition hall displays. Since her work is such a big part of what we do, I took a minute to ask her a few questions and get some answers about what she thinks about the underwear gig. Is working with MensUnderwearStore different than the other photography you’re involved with? This is certainly the only time I work with nearly naked men! The biggest difference is that this is a completely controlled environment instead of shooting things documentary-style. It gives me a chance to be more creative, bringing naturalism out of an environment that’s not natural. We’re starting with a blank canvas and creating a painting of sorts that can be manipulated to feel any way we want.© Lisa Mandel Photography What’s been the most memorable photo shoot you’ve done with us? It was really neat to do the shoot on location at the hotel with Anton. Saint Louis is a beautiful city and I’d love to use some of it in our photography. There’s a certain advantage to using natural daylight and the way that it brings everything to life. Any ideas about what’s next for MensUnderwearStore photography? You know, the world is full of different media ideas that all get stored in my head – I want to push the envelope a little more in the studio with different props and lighting. The great part about working with you guys as a team is that everyone can look at it from a different aspect and we end up with really great shots. You’ve just done a couple of photo shoots in new studio space, are you enjoying yourself? © Lisa Mandel PhotographyIt’s been enormously positive to work with MensUnderwearStore. Working in the studio makes me take time to be more aware of what’s really in front of the camera and how I can manipulate it. I’m also learning more about how to bring a sense of casualness and ease to the photos, there comes a point when you just have to say “this is underwear.” We just launched our sister site,, are you excited about the opportunity to start working with women? Definitely. Being a woman, I want to portray someone who has confidence, not weepy little girls. Men are more comfortable in their bodies; women need to have an understanding about the difference between sexuality and sensuality so the world can see them as strong, confident and sexy. With new merchandise arriving all the time, we'll be seeing lots of Lisa in the days ahead. If you're interested in working with us as a model, send us an email – we'd love to see your photos. If you can't wait until our next photo shoot to see more of Lisa's work, you can find her online at

Lisa Mandel Photography



Holiday Cheer

This time of year, it’s always nice to take a moment and reflect on days past, one of the best ways being a quick glance through our “kudos” email folder. We’re lucky enough to send underwear all over the globe, and some of our highest praise comes from our international customers.

The product looks great! I will definitely recommend your sight to my mates. It is hard to get great underwear with flair in Australia. I see over the weekend that one of the shops here is importing, but they do not have the range offered by MUS. Thanks for the service – I look forward to ordering again.


Australians aren’t the only ones who gets excited about our stuff… check out what one of our British customers has to say:

I got my order yesterday and just had to drop everything and slip them on. Perfect all of them. Thanks so much for such good service…I had to get back on line and order more.


We don’t expect you to drop everything (we’re happy to ship your order to a business address), but it sure makes us feel good to hear that our customers are as excited about undies as we are. Especially during the busiest time of year, our shipping and service departments work extra hard to make sure customers get their orders as quickly as possible. In addition to my personal thanks, here’s a couple shout-outs from the email bin…

This is just to thank you all for the order. I’m very impressed by your efficiency and reliability and by the excellence of your stock. It’s also really nice to have a friendly reminder that behind all the electronics and speed, there are real people looking after your needs. Your website remains one of the best, and you all remain among the best.


You have never let me down. Your service is unparalleled. Thank you so much.


and even…

WOW! That’s service!


THANK YOU Nigel, Cliff and Brent, for letting our guys know that they’re appreciated! We’ve also got to give a big thanks to all our customers; without you, we’d be nothing. We love to get your comments and feedback as we grow and add new styles and brands – we’re always looking for new ways that we can make our site exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll take a minute to follow your advice…

Take a bow for a job well done.


…but we’re not about to stop! Want to send your own kudos? I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say, and add it to our holiday bulletin board of warm fuzzies – email me at


Model Interview: Alex

We're lucky when we find a guy with as much energy and great personality as Alex, besides, he looks great in our underwear and swimwear! He was a little shy at first when he saw all the different styles we'd have him in that day, but quickly warmed up and lent his funloving attitude to the shoot. He admits that he's become a bit of an 'underwear addict' since working with us – with a body like his, no wonder he's eager to show it off! I took a minute to sit down with him while he was getting prepped for the shoot and asked him a few questions.

Alex Buzios Brief & Acid Art Jock

Age 23

Hometown Tampa, FL

Most Embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Freshman year of college. I woke up ‘late’ for class one morning, grabbed my stuff and made my way to campus. Mind you, this was mid-way through the semester…I had been going to this class for weeks. I walk in, in the middle of lecture and sit down. After a minute of listening and looking at other people’s books, I come to the realization that I was actually EARLY for my class and had walked into the class before mine. So I sat there for about 10 minutes and decided to walk out. Totally inconspicuous right? The best part of the story…I had on a T-Shirt that said…”SMOOTH.” True story.

Alex Acid Art White & Unico Logo ShortThing you miss most about being kid? Valentine’s Day in 4th grade…when your teacher makes you give a Valentine to everyone in the class so nobody feels left out or gets their feelings hurt…but you leave people out anyway…

Your weakness? I have a hard time saying no…

Favorite guilty pleasure? McDonald’s…shh don’t tell anybody.

How do you take your coffee? In the form of an energy drink

Boxers or Briefs? Boxer-briefs

Most overused phrase…? "KnowwhatI’mtalkinabout?"

First thought when you wake up in the morning? 5 more minutes…

Country you’d most like to visit? Italy – to see the…you know…stuff.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to train athletes as a strength coach for a professional sports franchise.


Change is Coming

What does it mean to be the lead web developer at I am in charge of making all the fun and nerdy changes to the website that make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Let’s check out what’s been going on lately..

Everyone should know of our site that we just launched, With this new site, we have expanded and now can offer both men’s and women’s underwear! You’ll notice a lot of new features on that doesn’t currently have. Don’t worry, we’ve got big plans for Here are some of the features that you can expect to see soon.

MensUnderwearStore Blog – What more can I say… you’re reading it right now. This is the place to find out about all the newest and upcoming features on our sites.

More Product Information – If you’ve been to any of our product pages lately, you may have noticed a lot of new features already. Here is a short list of the main highlights of new features:

  • Larger Images – We know our products would speak for themselves if they could, so we’ve done the next best thing. We increased the size of our images so that you can see more of the amazing work and detail put into these garments. Although we’ve increased the size of our images, at the same time we’ve worked hard to decrease the load time of the pages, so that you can view that detail, without having to wait as long for the pages to load!
  • Sizing Charts – You asked and we’re delivering. Our staff has worked hard to try and get sizing charts out for all of our products. Hand measuring 100′s of products takes time, so bare with us while we continue to add size charts daily.
  • Fabric Content and Care Instructions – Much like our sizing charts, we got a lot of requests for how to keep our amazing products feeling as great as they do. Our staff is working hard to write care instructions to assist you keeping your underwear feeling the way you love it.
  • Recommended Products – We have now added new features to help you find new products that we know you’ll love. Already own a couple pieces, but don’t know where to go next? Let us (and our other customers) help you. We can now recommend products specifically for you based on the purchases that your fellow customers have made.

Login and Password Lookup – We know that in this day in age, you may have so many Logins and Passwords that you may forget which one you used. Worry no more – you can now lookup your login and password information and have them emailed to yourself in case you have forgotten.

I’ve spent months at work on these new features – enjoy! If you have any questions or suggestions about features you would like to see on, please don’t hesitate to email us. There will be more new features coming very soon, so check back often so you don’t miss out!