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Change is Coming

What does it mean to be the lead web developer at I am in charge of making all the fun and nerdy changes to the website that make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Let’s check out what’s been going on lately..

Everyone should know of our site that we just launched, With this new site, we have expanded and now can offer both men’s and women’s underwear! You’ll notice a lot of new features on that doesn’t currently have. Don’t worry, we’ve got big plans for Here are some of the features that you can expect to see soon.

MensUnderwearStore Blog – What more can I say… you’re reading it right now. This is the place to find out about all the newest and upcoming features on our sites.

More Product Information – If you’ve been to any of our product pages lately, you may have noticed a lot of new features already. Here is a short list of the main highlights of new features:

  • Larger Images – We know our products would speak for themselves if they could, so we’ve done the next best thing. We increased the size of our images so that you can see more of the amazing work and detail put into these garments. Although we’ve increased the size of our images, at the same time we’ve worked hard to decrease the load time of the pages, so that you can view that detail, without having to wait as long for the pages to load!
  • Sizing Charts – You asked and we’re delivering. Our staff has worked hard to try and get sizing charts out for all of our products. Hand measuring 100′s of products takes time, so bare with us while we continue to add size charts daily.
  • Fabric Content and Care Instructions – Much like our sizing charts, we got a lot of requests for how to keep our amazing products feeling as great as they do. Our staff is working hard to write care instructions to assist you keeping your underwear feeling the way you love it.
  • Recommended Products – We have now added new features to help you find new products that we know you’ll love. Already own a couple pieces, but don’t know where to go next? Let us (and our other customers) help you. We can now recommend products specifically for you based on the purchases that your fellow customers have made.

Login and Password Lookup – We know that in this day in age, you may have so many Logins and Passwords that you may forget which one you used. Worry no more – you can now lookup your login and password information and have them emailed to yourself in case you have forgotten.

I’ve spent months at work on these new features – enjoy! If you have any questions or suggestions about features you would like to see on, please don’t hesitate to email us. There will be more new features coming very soon, so check back often so you don’t miss out!

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