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Point and Shoot

You’ve all seen her work on our site, but Lisa Mandel is more than just our personal underwear paparazzi. She’s based here in St. Louis, MO and works in the area, photographing everything from weddings and portraits to exhibition hall displays. Since her work is such a big part of what we do, I took a minute to ask her a few questions and get some answers about what she thinks about the underwear gig. Is working with MensUnderwearStore different than the other photography you’re involved with? This is certainly the only time I work with nearly naked men! The biggest difference is that this is a completely controlled environment instead of shooting things documentary-style. It gives me a chance to be more creative, bringing naturalism out of an environment that’s not natural. We’re starting with a blank canvas and creating a painting of sorts that can be manipulated to feel any way we want.© Lisa Mandel Photography What’s been the most memorable photo shoot you’ve done with us? It was really neat to do the shoot on location at the hotel with Anton. Saint Louis is a beautiful city and I’d love to use some of it in our photography. There’s a certain advantage to using natural daylight and the way that it brings everything to life. Any ideas about what’s next for MensUnderwearStore photography? You know, the world is full of different media ideas that all get stored in my head – I want to push the envelope a little more in the studio with different props and lighting. The great part about working with you guys as a team is that everyone can look at it from a different aspect and we end up with really great shots. You’ve just done a couple of photo shoots in new studio space, are you enjoying yourself? © Lisa Mandel PhotographyIt’s been enormously positive to work with MensUnderwearStore. Working in the studio makes me take time to be more aware of what’s really in front of the camera and how I can manipulate it. I’m also learning more about how to bring a sense of casualness and ease to the photos, there comes a point when you just have to say “this is underwear.” We just launched our sister site,, are you excited about the opportunity to start working with women? Definitely. Being a woman, I want to portray someone who has confidence, not weepy little girls. Men are more comfortable in their bodies; women need to have an understanding about the difference between sexuality and sensuality so the world can see them as strong, confident and sexy. With new merchandise arriving all the time, we'll be seeing lots of Lisa in the days ahead. If you're interested in working with us as a model, send us an email – we'd love to see your photos. If you can't wait until our next photo shoot to see more of Lisa's work, you can find her online at

Lisa Mandel Photography


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