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2xist Soy and C-IN2 Bamboo at MensUnderwearStore

Sushi’s not the only thing sold with soy anymore. 2xist, one of the hottest underwear brands on the market, has recently launched a line titled “SOY.” Made of 95% Azlon, a synthetic textile fiber composed of natural protein material derived from soy bean, and 5% spandex, this fabric has a feel more luxurious than cashmere and breathes like cotton, creating the ultimate comfort for your skin.   Not only does it look and feel great, Azlon is naturally anti-microbial and provides superior moisture wicking, keeping you fresh and dry all day long.

Soy isn't alone in it's jump into the underwear world – C-IN2’s Bamboo line is made of 95% natural bamboo mesh fabric and 5% spandex.  What’s so great about this bamboo stuff?  The fabric is incredibly light and soft; so comfortable you barely know you’ve got it on.  It’s also anti-microbial and the perforated fabric ensures maximum moisture transmission.  As great as the bamboo fabric is, C-IN2 took innovation one step further by including Trophy Shelf® technology in their new line.  The design features two box pleats sewn into the pouch that provide a lifting profile boost.

Chocloate - the new black

    “What on earth does the color chocolate look like?” 
My grandmother was new to the idea of colors being named after foods.  Named for it’s sumptuous deep color and skin warming tones, chocolate is the new black.  Chocolates range from the deep brown of MalePower’s Rib Cotton line to the rich hues of ManSilk’s silk boxer, pant and robe – we've even got hot new cocoa swimwear from JM Waves.  Think you don’t look good in “brown?”  Add a little chocolate to your wardrobe and you’ll be an instant fan of this year’s tasty escape from basic black.

— Tyler

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