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Model Interview: Caleb, Tyler and Josh

We've been busy, shooting one model after another as we add new designers and products. The youngest of our recent models, Josh, is 21 and filled out our new N2N swimwear and Calvin Klein Flex Fit very nicely. Tyler, just a year older, hails from Ohio and boasts a pair of blue eyes that rivaled even Go Softwear's bright summer prints. Rounding out our model trio, 23 year old Caleb’s energetic enthusiasm was a killer combo with Papi's new Cool Jersey 2.Caleb's Flickr Photos

Caleb, this is your second shoot with us, what do you remember about the first time you were here?
Ha Ha! It has to be when I was goofing around in a bizarre piece of underwear that was like a Scottish Kilt.

Everyone’s got a funny story about being caught unexpectedly in their underwear before – what about you three?
Tyler: one of my friends "pantsed" me in gym class one day and I was standing in front of the whole class in my underwear.
Josh: In my car…while I was driving.
Caleb: I was in high school getting ready for football practice and a few cheerleaders walked in on my changing into my jock…. a jock, is underwear right?

I’m sure you’ve all gotten yourselves into more embarrassing situations than that…
Josh: I had a party at my parents house and answered the door to my neighbors wearing nothing but a cowboy hat.

What does your favorite pair of underwear look like?
Tyler: pair of Polo boxer briefs.
Caleb: my black Diesel underwear that has the Diesel logo in red and "Only The Brave" printed on the band in back.
Josh: Athletic, Red, and shows all of the right curves if you know what I mean.

Josh's Flickr PhotosMost irresistible guilty pleasure?
CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).  It’s heaven on a plate!

Reeses Pieces!

I'm a sucker for ice cream.

If you were reincarnated, but not as a human, what would you come back as?
Tyler: I would come back as a lion and rule the jungle because I have a very dominant personality
Caleb: A lion because they have a tremendous amount of strength, leadership, loyalty, love, and affection more than any other animal.

It sounds like our models are going to rule the jungle! If you were to be a super hero, what type of powers would you have?
I’d spit hot fire because I can talk my way out of just about anything.
Josh: Background music. Just imagine having your own theme music wherever you went. It would make you feel great and you could really set the mood.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Caleb: I’m a personal trainer right now, but I would eventually like to be in a position and carry out the responsibilities and duties of a pharmaceutical rep.
Josh: As boring as it may sound I'm receiving my degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology shortly. I'm going to use it to go into consulting. Plan B- Firefighter.

Tyler: I've told people I was grown up since i was 15, but I want to be a financial adviser.

What do you do for fun?
hang out with my boys and play washers, obviously lift weights, shop like I have an endless bank account.
I love going to Ohio State Football games or any big time sporting events that you can tailgate at with 100,000 people.
hang out with my friends, they are the best in the world. They make life so much more fun, interesting, and easy-going.Tyler's Flickr Photos

You’ve all spend lots of time in the gym, what part of your physique are you most proud of?
biceps and abs
my abs
my legs or back. It takes a lot of hard work to develop them and most people neglect those body parts. But that doesn’t mean they're my favorite.

If we gave you each $500,000 to spend at MensUnderwearStore, what's the first thing you'd add to your cart?
a pair of either Diesel or DKNY briefs
Everything Diesel of course, then we'll see from there.
definitely be the whole Calvin Klein and DKNY line. It really is amazing, the way it fits, looks and feels. I love microfiber especially the t-shirts.

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