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Debriefed with Ashley Gieseking, the Photographer

We sat down with the lovely Ashley Gieseking, staff photographer for,, Beverly’s Hill and Boxers to discuss Mark Wahlberg, acne ridden teenagers and why St. Louis is the most underrated city (totally!).

So where were you born and raised?

 Right here in St. Louis, Missouri. Haven’t strayed far from the nest. I think St. Louis is one of the most underrated cities for creatives. I like being a little under the radar, so it suits me.

When did you know for sure that photography was your calling?

Still waiting. I’m one of the most indecisive people on earth, so I’ll probably be contemplating it for the rest of my life. For now, it feels pretty good.

What inspires you?

Interesting textures. Bold colors. Real people. All the things that show character.

So Ashley, tell us what it’s like to photograph men and women in their underwear?  It seems to us like the best job in the world. We’re a little jealous because we’re in front of a computer all day – like tweeting and you get to photograph these GORGEOUS men and women in stunning intimates.

To be honest, I hardly notice that they’re in underwear. I mean, when you’re focusing on all the details of the garments, the lighting, the expressions, there’s not much time for gawking. But yes, it’s much more pleasant than photographing acne ridden teenagers.

How do you make your models feel at ease?

Embarrass them a little. It really breaks the ice. We like to take breaks when the model is sporting some of the most revealing garments. Just make them stand around in a thong for a bit, that’s sure to relax them.

We hear that good underwear models can make great money, what do you look for in your models?

Someone who looks comfortable in their own skin. It definitely comes across if a model is insecure. Then there’s the obvious stuff like insanely beautiful skin, an outstanding figure, perfect measurements… nothing unreasonable.

Tell us the one person, place and thing wish to photograph in the near future?

Our gorgeous model next week, here at the studio, in some fabulous new Wacoal bras. How’s that for a plug? I like to take it one day at a time. Enjoy things as they come.

Who is your favorite underwear model?

Hmm… it’s definitely tempting to say Mark Wahlberg, but I think I’d have to go with Heidi Klum, just because I’m addicted to Project Runway. She’s had a pretty amazing career.

To see Ashley’s work, just shop and You can also visit her site:

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