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November 2010 Archives


Boys, It’s Time

Men are known to buy things like bacon-flavored salt and trucker hats that can hold a can of beer. But at MensUnderwearStore, we cater to a more sophisticated clientele. One that dare says the word ‘haute’ every now and again…One that knows the difference between a boxer brief and a trunk…One that extols the virtues of fashionable underwear.

One that wears Spanx with pride.

Perhaps you’ve heard a lady friend or sister speak of Spanx. “Wearing my Spanx today!” “Honey, you shouldn’t be wearing that dress without some Spanx.” Somewhere, somehow you’ve heard that Oprah doesn’t go a day without Spanx. You’ve seen the twinkle in a woman’s eye when she says the word: S-PAAAANXXXX. You see the confidence!

Well, Men, you’re time has arrived.

No more undershirts that roll up.

No more unsightly bulges.

No more ruffled silhouettes.

No more jealousy.

Get YOUR Spanx today.


‘Tis (almost) the Season

It seems like only yesterday we were all at the beach, working on our summer tans. Now, Thanksgiving is just a week away and it’s time to start shopping for the holidays.

This year, why don’t you give yourself a break and avoid the holiday shopping crowds? has practical yet stylish gifts for all of the men on your shopping list.

Who wouldn’t love these Hugo Boss Scarves and Hats?

Hugo Boss Scarf

Hugo Boss Hat

Or these super-soft and oh-so-warm leather gloves from the Milwaukee Glove Company.

Black leather gloves

Another great option, are skin care products. We carry 2 amazing lines, Nickel and e Shave.

Nickel face cream

e Shave shaving cream

Last but not least, for the man who truly has everything, we have a bag to carry it all – The Dr. Koffer Vertical Mini Messenger Bag.

Dr. Koffer Mini Messenger Bag


A Little Help (from our friends)

Fact:  Nobody’s perfect. Well, almost nobody. There are some obvious exceptions, like our models.

But most mortals have physical flaws. Imperfections. And lucky for all of us, there’s some amazing shapewear on the market to help tighten, lift, maximize and/or minimize (as we may want or need it).

For example, this Form Contour Pouch Brief from 2(x)ist has an innovative 6 inch wide waistband, which is designed to easily and comfortably slim the waist by up to 2 inches.  Say good-bye to your love handles!

And, check out this Andrew Christian Show-It Boxer. It features an innovative design to naturally enhance the wearer’s profile. The Comfy Cup cradles and lifts to enhance the profile while a contrasting pouch accentuates the front. Additional features include an “anti-muffin top” waistband.

Our men’s shapewear collection will give you that little extra help you need to look better and feel better about the way you look.  What more can a guy want?


Diesel Intimates Will Uncover the Rebel in You

Our sister site,, sat down with some of the brilliant minds from Diesel, one of our best-selling brands to learn more about their new fall winter 2010 collection line that is all about seduction and whimsy.

The Diesel fall winter 2010 collection defies logic – managing to be sultry and stimulating, yet simultaneously cheery, youthful and light-hearted. The female collection focuses on lingerie with playful motifs with embellished lace, micofiber, tulle and modal pieces.  Patterns evoke a rebellious spirit, and the collection’s, errr, climax, if you will, is a range of “couples” briefs, with scripted messages on the derriere saying, “Today I am your nurse,” or “Today I am your school teacher” – continuing with Flight assistant, Police woman and French maid…each has a corresponding male brief to complete the imagination and enough sayings to stir a week full of fantasy!

The men’s range is available in boxer brief, boxer trunk, and brief styles, which are reminiscent of the punk-rebel themes in Diesel’s main apparel collection. The “couples” grouping manifests itself in the men’s line with sayings like “Tonight I am your prisoner,” offering a reply for each female style.

Q:  The Darius and Rico underwear are some of our best-selling on and we’re certain that the Angelic collection will win women over on Who are the brilliant minds behind these cleverly naughty and indulgent undergarments?

A:  All of our design is done directly through a skilled Italian design team that is based in our headquarters in Molvena, Italy.

Q: How are sales?

A:  The product just hit websites and stores about eight weeks ago and has had amazing results. Both collections were our best selling men’s and women’s fashion groups for Spring 2010. Based on what we have seen in the last eight weeks, we are confident that this will be the case for these groups for Fall 2010 as well.

Q:  Any plans to add more “fantasies” to the collection?

A:  Spring 2011 has a whole new “fantasy/couples” group. Some “teasers” in this group are a black and red color group: “I’ll drive you crazy” for the men’s line and “I’ll fuel your imagination” for the women’s. This goes back to our race car theme for Spring 2011. The styles are the same.

Q:  Women don’t mind a little language on their knickers – it’s how we learned the days of the week. But who would have thought that men would fall for the dirty talk flashed across their bums? Obviously, you guys believed it would work. For men – patterns are a big deal, but copy seems really out there. Was it a risk?

A:  Diesel, as a brand, as always been a pioneer when it comes to risk taking. When Renzo Rosso founded and created the brand his main focus was on innovation and individuality. When the Intimates line was launched in Spring 2007 it encompassed all the ideals and creativity that was already a part of the brand DNA. There is always a risk of competitors trying to “copy” of ideas, but Diesel is, and always has been, one step ahead of the competition. By the time they have their “copied” product out in the market, Diesel will already have a new, successful concept for them to chase.

Q:  Where do the names Darius and Rico come from?

A: To be honest, we really don’t know where or how the designers come up with the names for the underwear.