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Sauvage offers men fashion-forward, European-inspired swimwear. From sleek, square-cut trunks to laid-back boardshort silhouettes, Sauvage offers an array of solid colors and prints to fit any guy's personality.

Featured Sauvage Collections

Sauvage Como Italia Plaid Square Cut Swim

Sauvage Italian Plaid

Ever wish you could get away to a beautiful beach? Play pretend in Sauvage's Italian Plaid swimwear. These bright plaids and shorter fits will make you feel like you're on the beaches of Lake Como.

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Sauvage Saint Tropez Swim Short

Sauvage 252 Retro

Pay tribute to the fashion trends of years past with the 252 Retro Collection from Sauvage. Made with quick-drying nylon fabric, these swimsuits have crisp, white waistbands and accents to really complete that vintage look.

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Sauvage Kiwi Surfshort

Sauvage Sauvage Bi-Color & Prints

This collection is like a style tidal wave. With a variety of fits - from board shorts to body-hugging square-cut styles - and lots of colors, Sauvage's Bi-Color & Prints collection can suit any kind of guy for a great day at the beach or pool.

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Sauvage Striped Tactel Workout Short

Sauvage Workout

Work up a sweat in Sauvage's Workout collection. These athletic shorts and pants have everything you need to stay cool (and look great) during a workout - they're lightweight, and the nylon-lycra blend absorbs moisture but dries quickly.

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