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Finding the ultimate underwear has just gotten easier. We've provided just the guide to help you navigate through the fit, fabric, and fashion of men's underwear. What could be more important than the first thing that you put on in the morning?


Briefs are designed to fit close to the body for support. Features to consider when shopping men's briefs: low rise or mid rise, fabric content and where the briefs sit on the hips.


Trunks have a square-cut fit with the support of briefs. Features to consider when shopping men's trunks: pouch type, leg length, type of fabric, functional fly or no-fly design.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs provide similar coverage as boxers with support like briefs. Features to consider when shopping men's boxer briefs: leg length, pouch type, fabric composition and type of fly.


Boxers provide a roomier design for increased coverage and mobility. Features to consider when shopping men's boxers: leg length, type of fly, slim fit or loose fit.

Jock Straps

The jock strap provides support in the front and a slight lift in the back. Features to consider when shopping jock straps: pouch type, strap width, fabric type, design style (fashion or athletic).


Men's thongs give guys a sexy style that shows more skin. Our thong underwear selection comes in a variety of fabrics (such as silk, mesh, and cotton stretch) as well as tons of different designs.


Why You'll Like It: It's a year-round fabric that is unparalleled for softness and the ability to breathe.

When to Wear It: Wear it year-round, when a soft easy care fabric is needed. Add stretch for a closer fit.


Why You'll Like It: It keeps you dry. Plus, it retains vibrant colors - making it great for fashion styles.

When to Wear It: Wear it to work out. Nylon's fast-drying capabilities will keep you cool.


Why You'll Like It: In a microfiber form, it's thin and sexy - making it ideal under close-fitting clothing.

When to Wear It: Wear it when you're on the go. Polyester travels well, because it doesn't wrinkle.


Why You'll Like It: It's non-constricting, has great drape and is highly absorbent.

When to Wear It: Wear it for a night out. Best when you want a body skimming fit.


Why You'll Like It: Silk is a natural fiber that is smooth and strong at the same time.

When to Wear It: Wear it when you need a thin fabric that feels luxurious in all climates.


Why You'll Like It: Modal is the new kid on the block. It's soft like nylon and absorbent like cotton.

When to Wear It: When you want a sleek, synthetic fabric that absorbs moisture.

Male Power

Male Power designs the sexiest men's thongs and exotic underwear on the market. From velvet thongs to its signature pouch shorts, Male Power brings sex appeal to every style it puts out there - including its men's briefs, trunks and mesh underwear.

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