Calvin Klein Underwear for Men

Calvin Klein Underwear for Men

Calvin Klein is a world-class lifestyle brand that embodies bold and forward-thinking ideals through a seductive and minimalist aesthetic. We seek to excite and inspire our audience with provocative images and stunning designs that awaken the senses.

Calvin Klein has dominated the Men's Underwear marketplace since the late 80's. Since then they have introduced many different fabrications including microfiber, micro model and cotton stretch.
So which ever fabric you prefer, CK makes it in your favorite style.

First introduced circa 2006, CK Steel is becoming a classic style for men the world over. Calvin Klein Steel Microfiber Underwear are now available in economical 3-Packs!

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Boxers are perfect for lazy Sundays. If you are looking to solve the boxers vs briefs argument, Calvin Klein is the perfect brand to test with!

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CK Micro Modal Underwear

This is the softest, silkiest fabric ever incorporated into underwear. If you haven't ever worn micro modal fabric for your underwear, then you are definitely missing out.

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