Clever Underwear

Clever Underwear & Swimwear

Clever incorporates a diverse range of fabrics to create more than 300+ uniquely different underwear styles for men. Find a comfortable pair today to match your personality or, even better, your alter ego!  Nobody has to know what underwear you have on underneath your clothes.

84 New Styles Just Added!


JOR Athletic Shorts are a perfect compliment to doing anything outside this summer.

Combine the shorts with JOR Underwear and a JOR Shirt and save 30% on all 3 items.  

Men's Bikini Briefs

Clever offers some of the best bikini briefs available for men. Clever has created the next generation bikini brief through the way they incorporate different fabrics and sculpted pouches.

Men's Mesh Underwewar

Thongs in athletic mesh. Briefs in fine, sexy sheer mesh. Trunks & Boxer Briefs with panels of mesh. Clever's latin influence is infused with every pair. It's easy to say that Clever makes lingerie for men, you can never have too much sex appeal with your underwear.

Clever Prints

Fun fact... The owner/designer of the Clever Underwear brand is a photographer, painter and all around artist. So it's easy to say that Clever is wearable art.

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