Ergowear Underwear

Ergowear Underwear

Ergowear enhancing underwear for men has 3 different kinds of pouches. The Ergowear X3D pouch is the 'extra dimensional' pouch underwear that provides a flattering profile under your pants. The Max XV is the best selling pouch design and also provides a very flattering profile. The Feel XV pouch is a non constricting pouch that allows a man to feel free, allowing shift and movement as he walks.

#1 Best Selling Collection Max XV

Ergowear Underwear

JOR Athletic Shorts are a perfect compliment to doing anything outside this summer.

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Ergowear Max XV
Profile Enhancing Pouch

The Ergowear Max XV collection is made from a super slick, sturdy nylon microfiber. Wear your technical shorts over them without any cling and have the most flattering buldge possible. With a confident smile you can watch people as they watch you!  

Ergowear Feel XV
"Out of Control"
Underwear & Swimwear

Are you looking for underwear or swimwear that will put all your junk up front but, in a loose, blowsy pouch? Look no further! This underwear and swimsuit pouch will allow movement while you walk, run or whatever you do.  

Ergowear X4D
Ultimate Profile

If you are looking for the ultimate profile enhancing underwear without adding padding? Then this is the underwear for you! Wear it under jeans and your buldge will definitely get people whispering.

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